how to get a full beard if you can't grow any facial hair

How To Get A Full Beard If You Can’t Grow Any Facial Hair

For as long as I can remember, my family has always taught me that a man should always be clean shaven.

“Having a clean face is more attractive,” they would tell me. “It’s more professional and when you’re old enough, the girls will fall in love with you because of the baby smooth skin on your face.”

Have you ever heard that?

Well, for me, the reason my family felt this way is because they are very traditional Asians who grew up in Hong Kong and China, and back then, this belief was pretty much a general consensus.

clean shaven asian man

This wouldn’t have been an issue growing up in Asia because, quite frankly, you would very rarely see any man on the streets with any specks of facial hair, much less a full beard.

As a kid, I remember all the grown up men I would ever meet to be cleanly shaved, so it was easy for me to simply take my family’s word for it.

Unfortunately, the problem came up when I moved to the U.S., where I then got to know many more adults from mixed ethnicities who had completely full beards.

That was when I thought to myself: This is a super cool look!

I remember thinking that I couldn’t wait to get older so that I can start to grow some facial fuzz on my face, as I had always been under the impression that I needed to be a young adult before any signs of hair would pop out of my face.

And so, I decided to be patient, and wait…

Until one day in high school, when a bunch of us went on a week-long camping trip together, and I suddenly noticed that a whole bunch of my friends around me actually already starting to grow stubbles on their faces right in front of my eyes.

Apparently, they’ve already been able to grow facial hair for a while, and was simply shaving to keep their faces looking clean!

… WHAT?!

It was at that moment in time that I finally realized that what my family had been telling me about keeping a cleanly shaven face was utter nonsense.

That’s because it was the first time I realized that, as someone with Asian heritage, I probably didn’t have the capability to even grow any facial hair, so why would I need to shave?

Heck – That was WHY all the adult men I met back in my home country were all also clean shaven.

As Asian men, they probably all lacked the ability to grow any facial hair on their face, as well, just like me!

I was perplexed – A bit relieved that I may never need to slide a sharp razor down my face, and also a bit upset that I also may never achieve that cool “stubble” look that I’ve always admired.

Then, as I grew older and puberty finally hit for me, I eventually began to see little bits and pieces of tiny hairs start to sprout out of my upper lips and around my chins.

However, they were extremely sparse, and letting them grow out would look super silly as it would only be a few strands of hair here and a few strands over there.

facial hair whiskersThey look more like cat whiskers than anything else, so I had no choice but to start shaving anyway, otherwise I would look like a total idiot.

Over the years, I was told that I simply needed to wait it out.

Eventually, I became so annoyed that all my friends had nice, fashionable beards, while I still continued to sprout out silly cat whiskers that I went into various online forums and communities in search of answers.

Most of them gave the same kind of tips:

  • Shave more often to make your hairs grow back thicker
  • Wash your face with hot water each day to open up the pores
  • Go for a beard transplant that takes hair from your head and have them surgically placed on your face

The problem?

Well, the first two recommendations don’t work, and the second one is an expensive, risky and painful option that might not even come out the way I wanted.

And to be perfectly honest, I wasn’t desperate enough to make such a bold move.

So – I just decided to live with it…

These were the cards that I was dealt, and I have no choice but to submit to my genetics.

After that, I completely gave up on the idea of growing a beard.

Until one day, many more years later into my adulthood, I ran across online one of those communities that I had found all those years ago.

Except now, the community has grown into thousands more people from around the world.

It turns out that Asians is not the only ethnicity that has trouble with facial hair growth, as I was able to meet tons and tons of strangers with all sorts of backgrounds who experience the exact same problems as me.

The ability to grow proper and satisfactory beards is a common problem after all 🙂

This is why I have created this website.

As time went on, I have been able to learn a great deal of interesting and helpful information about facial hair growth.

There are routines, diets, bad habits to break, various supplements and even choices of products you can apply directly onto your face to stimulate your beard growth.

In fact, there are so many different tips and tricks that I will most likely be spending a lot of time writing out extensive articles on these topics, so stay tuned for that.

However, there will be ONE particular theme to this entire website that you may see over and over, and that is the mention of a specific product that makes everything else work, and allows for the facial hair growth to be possible in the first place.

This product is called minoxidil.

minoxidil topical solution for beard growth

Actually, to be more specific, minoxidil is not a product; it’s an ingredient.

There are several brands of products on the market that includes this ingredient, minoxidil, and it is the key factor that makes growing facial a reality, even for people like me who genetically was never able to grow so much as a stubble naturally.

Before I end this article, I want to show you really quickly PROOF that minoxidil works for facial hair growth, so take a look at this video that introduces you to real people who have gotten tremendous results from using minoxidil for beard growth.

As you can see, the proof is in the pudding.

And if you’re interested to get in touch and perhaps even receive an invitation to join our “bearded bros” community, connect with me directly on our StubbleHub Facebook page, and we can start by having a conversation there.

In the meantime, definitely consider to use minoxidil as part of your daily routine, and before you know it, even you may be surprised one day when you wake up with a full beard despite not being able to grow any facial hair before in your whole life 🙂