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5 TIPS: Why Do I Have Patchy Bald Spots In My Beard & How Do I Get Rid Of The Patches Area?

I get it.

As men, we want to be able to grow full, thick and manly beards.

bearded biker motorcycle motor bikeAll the main characters and heroes in our favorite movies either walk around or ride their motorcycles in the wind with a cool stubble or full beards on their faces.

Yet, when we try to grow our own, it never comes out evenly.

You might have a bald spot under your chin. Or various patchy areas on the sides. Lots of holes here and there.

And let’s be honest, fellas: It does make us feel less of a man.

I mean… What REAL man can’t even grow an awesome set of facial hair that would make a gorilla jealous, right?

The truth is – patchy bald spots in beards are a common problem among many guys.

We don’t normally see them because those who grow patchy beards… Well, they usually decide not to grow one.

They keep it clean shaven, or have the hair trimmed short, or maybe they would color their beards so the spots are less visible, giving the appearance of a thick beard.

Sure, it might work great for them, but what if you want a solution to make the patches go away naturally, without having to dye your beard and color in the holes?

Here are a few tips you can start doing right now in order to start your path to a stronger, fuller set of hairs on your face.

5 Tips To Fix A Patchy Beard

Tip #1: Healthy Diet

healthy beard foodYes, beards also need food.

Wait – I don’t mean you need to feed your beard; I simply mean that your beard needs the right kind of nutrition in order to grow.

This means eating right and eating healthy.

As with anything else in our body, in order for it to function properly and behave the way it is meant to, we need to provide our body with the right amount of nutrients that it needs in order to perform at its maximum level on a daily basis.

When it’s time for lunch, don’t simply go for what’s convenient and grab a burger for a quick bite at the nearest fast food restaurant.

For each meal, you need the right amount of protein, fiber and calcium.

You also need to make sure you stay hydrated throughout the day, so make sure you drink tons of water to keep your system functioning at its peak level.

Just like how good food is your fuel to get you through the day, the nutrients you get from consuming the right food will also contribute towards healthy hair growth.

So not only will you be able to fix those patchy spots in your beard, you’ll also be able to grow much more shiny and healthier hair on your head!

And who doesn’t want that? 😉

Tip #2: Exercise

beard kettlebell workout exerciseNot just any type of exercise – strength training exercises.

This is very important for you to understand because studies have shown that if you do the wrong kind of exercises, it may actually have a negative effect on facial hair growth.


One word: testosterones

The reason that some people may not be able to grow full beards and instead have patchy spots all over the place may be due to the fact that their body is deficient in testosterones.

Testosterones is one of the main factors of successful beard growth because this is the element provides the “masculine” qualities, such as body hair, deep voice, and beards.

Because of this, some people opt for over the counter drugs that claim to boost testosterones, while others may even opt for testosterone shots.

However, testosterone shots are not recommended because they are not guaranteed to be safe or permanent, so we would much more prefer to go with natural solutions.

Besides, working out comes with its own set of benefits.

We want to grow a beard so we can become more manly, right?

And we want to become more manly because we want to increase our self confidence, feel better about ourselves in our own clothes, or perhaps we want to be more attractive to the opposite sex, right?

Well, when you work out and do strength training, you’ll also become healthier, slimmer, and build more muscles.

And c’mon – we all know that women love muscles 😉

Which brings us back to the need of performing the right exercises that will develop the testosterones needed to reach your goals, whatever they may be.

Strength training – such as pumping iron and doing body weight exercises – is the type of routine that increases your testosterones.

The other type of exercise would be cardiovascular – such as running, dancing or cycling – and this is the kind of workout that some experts have come forward to claim that it actually decreases your testosterone.

So – if your goal is to increase your DHT levels for the sake of your manly features such as growing a beard, hit the gym and lift some weights.

Your beard (and muscles) will thank you later.

Tip #3: Apply Minoxidil

minoxidil bottle beardIf you’ve never heard of minoxidil before, you can click here to read my full review of minoxidil.

Minoxidil is basically an FDA approved drug that is proven to regrow hair, and is often used to treat male pattern baldness (they even have versions for women who also experience the same problems).

However, minoxidil has also been proven to “activate” hair growth on certain areas that naturally should be able to grow hair.

Case in point: The bald spots on your cheeks, chin or anywhere else that may be patchy.

Yes, you need the right nutrition and testosterone levels as discussed earlier, but you will achieve much better results from a proven product that aids to solve your patchy beard problem.

Take a look at some of these before and after photos from minoxidil users who applied the product on their face for beard growth:

minoxidil beard before after 3 months 5 percent

Minoxidil 5% For Facial Hair- 3 Months Results

minoxidil beard before and after

Minoxidil 5% Beard Results Over A Period Of Months

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, and we have several pictures here to show you for your viewing pleasure.

Wait: This article is already over 1000 words. With all these photos that’s also worth 1000 words, does that mean that this article is now 10,000 words? Hmm… something to think about.

Anyway, there are many pros and cons to using minoxidil (mostly pros though if you only care about the results) – so if you are serious about fixing your patchy beard problem and would like to consider minoxidil as your potential solution, definitely read my full minoxidil review to fully understand what you’re getting yourself into.

Tip #4: Microneedlingderma roller microneedling beard facial hair

Microneedling is a beauty routine designed to “trick” your body into thinking that your skin has been damaged, thus sending more collagen and keratin to that part of your skin to “repair” the area.

For beauty purposes, this is extremely helpful in maintaining healthy looking skin, as more of your body’s natural nutrients flock towards the area, resulting in a refreshed, youthful appearance.

To give you an example, every time you may have hurt or injured yourself, resulting in a physical scab on your wound, your body goes to work by self-healing the area.

When we do microneedling, this is our way of tricking our own body into thinking we have suffered the same kind of injury, only we didn’t, but we’ll still be able to benefit from its healing powers.

wolverine self healing beard

The way microneedling works is with a product called a derma roller.

A derma roller is a tool that contains dozens of small needles that you’re supposed to roll around your face, poking hundreds of tiny puncture holes in the process.

When you do this for beauty purposes, the healing effects will make your skin to look newer and brighter, even tighter and firmer.

However, when we do this for our patchy bearded areas, the holes caused by the micro needles will make your body think once again that you have been injured, and will signal it to send that area the collagen and keratin needed to improve your hair growth.

Don’t worry – You’re not actually stabbing yourself as the needles are not that long, and you’re really not supposed to roll your face with so much force anyway (and you absolutely don’t want to overdo this to the point that you start bleeding).

A gentle rolling motion across your patchy bearded areas several times is usually enough for you to stimulate the self-healing process for your body.

I’ll have a more in-depth article on how to use a derma roller and everything you need to know about it soon, so stay tuned for that.

In the meanwhile, understand that microneedling should only be done once or twice a week, and you should wait at least 24 hours before your next minoxidil application to prevent the drug from going directly into your bloodstream through the potentially thousands of small tiny new holes you now have on your face.

It’s important that you follow this practice, because minoxidil going directly into your bloodstream may increase your side effects, which would not be a pleasant experience.

Tip #5: Multi-Vitamins

multi vitamins beard facial hairThere’s going to be a lot of sellers online who are going to try and sell you a whole bunch of “beard growing” products.

I’m here to clear up once and for all that most, if not all of them, simply don’t work.

As far as I’m concerned, which can be attested by many of the other bearded bros who are experts on this subject, there is no such thing as any miracle beard product that will help you to grow a full face of hair.

The only product ever to have proven results is minoxidil – and even that has its limits, and will definitely not provide you overnight results.

That said, minoxidil can only reach its full potential if you have the right nutrients in your body.

Yes, eating the right food is important, as we mentioned in tip #1.

However, the truth is that having a consistent healthy diet of eating the right things every meal with the correct amount of nutrition in every bite is probably not so realistic.

We can’t keep count of every little thing our body needs and make such detailed calculations on every scoop of food we put in our mouths.

That’s where multi-vitamins come in.

When it comes to multi-vitamins, the fact of the matter is that this is something we should all be consuming anyway for the sake of our health.

As a supplement, it provides us with the energy and nutrients that we need, and even takes the place of the lack of nutrients that we may have missed in our regular diets.

Just make sure that it’s not any cheap multi-vitamins, but rather a high quality one from a reputable brand, as we really do need to take better care of ourselves with the proper micronutrient balance.

So – that’s it, some of my top tips for fixing the bald spots in various areas of your beard.

Of course, there’s only 5 pieces of advice here, and if you want additional tips or even more in-depth details about the advice already given here, be sure to read up on some of the other articles that we have on this website.

We receive different questions all the time from our readers, which we usually like to answer in their own articles, so be sure to browse around as there are bound to be lots of helpful information that you might find useful.

If you have any additional questions of your own, feel free to leave it in the comments below, and we’ll either address it directly with a quick reply, or let you know as soon as we have published a new article that answers the question in full in all its glory (or – we’ll direct you to the proper resource if we have already written something about it).

Hope this was helpful to you, and feel free to share it with your friends who might also need some help patching up some of those baldy beard spots!